Model Based System Engineering

Preliminary design is often performed using Excel spreadsheets or other software. HarnesSYS is able to import this information and save it as a configuration controlled document within HarnesSYS.

One of the challenges of model based system engineering is the digital transfer of information from one format to another. Networks that are described in line by line textual format need to be converted to pin-to-pin schematics. HarnesSYS does this with minimal effort. By linking the schematic to the textual source, all parts and net connections are automatically generated. This ensures that the schematic is true to the design, eliminates errors, saves time and money.


Configuration control within HarnesSYS means full traceability eliminating the blame game that might occur when changes are made to conceptual design after detailed design has begun. The preliminary design document can be linked to schematic pin-to-pin diagrams, wiring diagrams, BTPs, part lists & wire lists eliminating errors & providing full traceability.

Smart Compare​

At every stage in the design, HarnesSYS can check back and compare the developing design against the original model. A line by line interactive report accompanied by graphic displays informs the user and/or auditor of any modifications to the original design. Any two documents can be compared: schematic pin-to-pin and textual pin-to-pin, wiring diagram and schematic pin-to-pin, two schematics etc.​

Smooth Transition​

Pin-to-pin schematics can then be copied into wiring diagrams for a smooth transition from preliminary design to detailed design​.