Centralized Data Management

Client-Server architecture and a common database mean that there is a single source of underlying data shared by all applications and users. Human errors related to data transfer from one application to another are eliminated. Multiple users are fully synchronized. This ensures that no one is working with outdated information.

This is crucial when working on large projects, where many engineers are working simultaneously on different areas of a vehicle design. Changes made by one user are immediately visible to all other stakeholders. User permissions control whether the user can view or modify documents, and which specific actions are sanctioned. There are also safeguards to limit user access to classified documents based on security clearance or other criteria. These are all managed by the site administrator.

Parts, wires and other harness assembly components are organized in libraries, accessible by all applications within HarnesSYS. These libraries can be project specific or standardized. The user need only specify a part number in a schematic drawing and all details including contact arrangement, physical properties, and more will be referenced from the library and conveniently displayed for information.

The information is stored in data formats like XML, CSV and Oracle database and can therefore be easily integrated with the enterprise’s software environment.