Version control

Aviation regulations often require aircrafts to be designed with full traceability. Design traceability is built-in to HarnesSYS. Users can select a harness assembly in the HarnesSYS Workspace and see which system diagrams contributed to that specific harness, and also confirm that all data from those schematics has been integrated before releasing the harness for manufacture. Likewise, each system wiring diagram can be traced to its pin-to-pin diagram. HarnesSYS includes built-in configuration control with release management which can interface with the company’s PDM.
Retain previous versions – Harnessys retains a copy of the schematic diagram each time it is saved. The document revision history contains a list of the saved revisions, the date and time it was saved, and the name of the user who modified it. You can always view a previous version, compare it to the current design and even rollback the design to a previous version.

Revisions can be compared easily and a detailed report can be generated specifying the differences between the two. These reports are available for part lists and wire lists as well as for schematic diagrams. A comparison of schematic diagrams will not only specify the changes in a tabular format but also show them in accompanying interactive schematic before and after diagrams. These reports are the perfect format for Engineering Change Orders and are useful to explain changes to both managers and manufacturing personnel.