Configuration Management

Electrical systems develop into a multitude of different versions as a result of both customer and engineering demands for specific options and/or variations.
HarnesSYS maintains full configuration management, tracking each version and revision of the electrical system throughout the product life cycle.
Released HarnesSYS documents can be interfaced with an external Document Management System.
HarnesSYS provides access control to all design documentation in accordance with user privileges.

Data Integrity

HarnesSYS ensures data integrity by eliminating redundancies and detecting errors. Pin-To-Pin Diagrams and System Wiring Diagrams are analysed to determine their EWIS content, i.e. the System Wire and Equipment Lists.
The EWIS content is then implemented as a set of wire harnesses, whose layout production details are specified by Wire Harness Layout and Form-board drawings.

Interface with External 3D Geometry

HarnesSYS provides an interface to the NX and CATIA 3D MCAD structural design systems. This enables the user to specify harness routing in the 3D MCAD environment, exchange the data with HarnesSYS, perform cross-checks and update each design system with accurate harness dimensions and electrical parameters.

Built-in Graphic Tools

HarnesSYS provides a suite of graphic tools for documenting an electrical system at each logical definition level, i.e. creation and editing Pin-To-Pin Diagrams and System Wiring Diagrams.
Physical wire harness definition is implemented by Wire Harness Layout and Form-board drawings.

Product Support

HarnesSYS Technical Publication tools enable all relevant wire harness data to be documented in standard technical publication manual format.
This includes special drawings, reports, notes, etc. for maintenance, overhaul, parts breakdown, with related technical information or procedures.
HarnesSYS Modification directive (Retrofit/Service Bulletin) tools retain the product configuration long after delivery to the customer by creating and maintaining Modification Directives. HarnesSYS can therefore provide the customer with service bulletins and retrofit instructions to perform modifications and maintenance throughout product life.

Software Organization

HarnesSYS software is modular and organized around the stages of Electrical System Design